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Turnaround time

How long will it take me to receive my shirts?




  • How much are t shirts?

T shirts range in prices. The cheapest t shirt is a white t shirt with one color, and one location print. This method will get you more for your money. Plus size t shirts cost more to produce than sizes small-xl as well. There are many ways to upgrade a t shirt. Multiple print colors, multiple print locations, plus sizes, higher quality t shirts, oversized screens, expensive specialty inks etc. The best way to save money is to tell us what you want and we will work hard to compare prices from multiple vendors and work to fit within your budget. On average printed shirts cost anywhere from 4.00-12.00 depending on your specific needs. 

  • Why should we choose Inked Industries?

We are passionate about t shirts! We love wearing them, we love selling them, we love designing them! Passion goes a long way in any industry as you probably already know! We don't ship out t shirts that we are not proud of, we stand by the quality of our designers, printers, and our equipment. We do not take shortcuts! We understand the fashion industry and current trends unlike most mom and pop shops who advertise screen printing services. We also are just cool people who want to work with you. We are not a corporate machine we are in touch with the needs of the 99% because we are the 99%! We believe in quality, service, and keeping money in the United States! We print t shirts because they make us money, and they make you money! It is a win win situation and that is what we love the best. We have worked with many print shops and we know what it takes to go above and beyond the competition in price, quality, and customer service. 

  • Will you match a competitors price?

Usually we will! We do not make this a guarantee because to be honest there are alot of printers out there who will work for almost nothing, and they deliver a product that you will wish you never paid for. Our goal is not to provide the cheapest quality product but the highest quality product at the best price. You need to be aware of any shop that advertises the lowest price as their main form of advertisement. These shops will print your shirts and the ink could wash out if they are not professionally done. You could also have 100 shirts ordered and half of them are printed crooked! These items will be of no value to you and reflect poorly on your company if you use them for promotion or sales. Another thing to watch out for is companies using irregular shirts. Do you really want a shirt that is damaged to begin with? This is a competively priced business and any quality company will present you with a fair market price for your apparel. Beware of the lowest price scam! You will always get what you pay for. 


  • How do you ship shirts?

We use the USPS for small packages, and UPS for larger orders. Don't let shipping expenses scare you off, if you are out of state you will save 6-7% by not paying local sales taxes, this amount is almost almost less than local sales taxes. We insure every order for twice it's value to be able to replace your order with no cost to you if there would ever be a lost package. We also pay the insurance costs at our expense.

Turnaround time

  • How long will it take me to receive my shirts?

We use the business standard of 10 business days. However we want to get your order finished as quickly as you want us to. Most orders can be done in just a couple of days. Because we are working hard to get your order out as fast as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards we generally do not charge rush orders unless we have to delay another customers order. We use the rush fee to discount the customer who is willing to wait for us to get to their order. We print 7 days a week as well excluding Holidays to better serve you.


  • What brands & styles do you use?

Being located in Cincinnati gives us the advantage of having two fully stocked warehouses. We can get your shirts the same day you place your order, and we have access to just about every brand, every shirt color, and every size you could possibly want. We have Hanes, Anvil, Gildan, American Apparel, Tultex, Port Authority, In your face apparel, Union Made t shirts, Many fashion fit t shirts, Organic t shirts, Recycled t shirts, burnout t shirts. The list goes on and on. If you want it, we have it!

  • How large can you print on t shirts?

Depending on what process you wish to use we can print full front and back t shirts that cover every inch of your shirt via the sublimation method. Our standard screen print screens are 20x24. These screens give you about a 13x15" print area. We also have large screens that are 24x31" these give a wider and longer print area for jumbo prints that cover aproximately 17x25" area. In addition we have a dedicated press that will screen print one color all over prints using a 40x45" screen. Cost can vary significantly between methods. Inked Industries is one of the few shops that can print using all of these methods and most likely the only print shop in Ohio that can produce prints of this size.

  • Do you offer discounts or have a sponsorship program?

We try to be as personable as possible. This means we try to give everyone the best price we can. However, there are times where we will barter our services for your services! We also will donate our services for advertisement, and give discounts to our frequent customers. We want to make life long business partners so if you have an idea or question related to this don't be shy! Get ahold of us and ask we don't bite and we love saying yes when other companies say "of course not!"


  • How much does graphic design cost?

Design work can range from free to hundreds of dollars depending on the complexity of your project or size of your order. It will serve you well to have an idea about what you like and even find some designs online that you like so we get a feel for what you are looking for. We will work hard to get you the design you want at the lowest price possible! Please use our contact page to contact us about your vision. No project is like another and good communication is essential with your graphic designer for best results.